Pitch Deck Yoga Mat

Slide into your slide deck.

Find your future investor during a yoga class.

Are you ever in shvanasana wondering: is that person next to me an angel investor? Now you'll know. The Pitch Deck Yoga mat is certain to attract attention to your startup. Expect investors to emerge from the woodwork once they see you unroll a pitch deck before class.

When you're grounded by your business model during your sun salutations, your first hires and future board members might approach you too.

Send VCs a slide deck yoga mat in the mail.

Every investor needs a new yoga mat. Why not send them one with your deck on it?

We can ship our yoga mats directly to investors at venture capital firms on your behalf. Just let us know during checkout and we can hide your receipt an attach an optional message from you. We'll include your address as the return address.

Have multiple variations on your deck? No problem! Each yoga mat is printed to order.

How it's made.

Our yoga mats are printed with a super stretchy, flexible material and durable, non-fading latex ink. We print at a super high resolution that will capture all of your fonts, charts, and photos.

Even when adorned with graphics, our yoga mats are washable and sweat-resistant. They're made of standard yoga mat material and are 1/4" thick.

Also Available in Dark Mode

Our yoga mats now come in two base colors: dark mode (charcoal black) or light mode (cloudy gray). Select the color preference that best suits your brand identity.

Order yours today!

Yoga mats ship in 7-10 days. If you'd like to send your yoga mat directly to an investor, we can hide your receipt and include a custom message from you.

Once you place your order, all you need to do is email us a high-resolution .pdf or Keynote of your pitch deck, and select up to 6 slides for us to print. We'll print them on the yoga mat in your choice of order.

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